Full List Of Tools Available In Semalt's Dedicated SEO Dashboard

What if there was a way to gather insights of an SEO campaign from all your marketing tools and present them in a single dashboard? A dashboard that automates reports and provides you with a one-stop deck of everything that is happening, day in and day out, month in and month out?

There is Semalt Dedicated SEO Dashboard (DSD) that allows you to quickly create a deck of tools and insights. These can be directly used and tweaked by your clients so that they can check the metric that they want, the numbers that they want, and the overall performance that they want.

It's the latest offering by Semalt, a global leader in the online marketing sphere, and which exists to make your job as a marketer a lot easier. We have spoken about DSD before in the Semalt blog, so we today will focus on the tools that are available in it. 

Here's the full list of tools available at your disposal via the Semalt Dedicated SEO Dashboard:

1. Google SERP Analysis

Who carries out manual SERP checks anyway? 

Now is the time to automate the SERP analysis process and use that time for actual campaign execution. With Semalt's Dedicated SEO Dashboard, you can simply insert all the keywords you want to track, and the system will give you all the information you need. Rankings, change in rankings according to days, weeks, and months, the ranking URLs, search volume, and popularity. 

The Google SERP analysis feature will show you if your campaigns are working, what content pieces helped move the rankings, and what sort of backlink strategy you will need more to push those numbers higher.


Get over Excel spreadsheets and display SERP results in a clean interface that is easy to read and measure. 

2. Automated Technical SEO Audit System

Here's what you do now: use PageSpeed Insights tool to analyze page speed issues, use a content audit tool to understand content issues, and usual manual inspection to check content, UI, and UX issues.

What if we told you that all of these could be automated and done through a single dashboard?

You will have to believe us because that's exactly what Dedicated SEO Dashboard does. Here you can see a complete picture of a website and its SEO quality. We are talking backlink profile, internal link structure, page speed, redirection and 404 errors, meta data information, etc. Everything that needs to be optimized can be found on the dashboard for you and your client to check and improve.

No need to pay hefty subscription charges to third-party tools like Ahrefs or SEMrush. No need for website analyzers. You get everything in a single platform. And the best part is that your clients look at this info directly without you having to present it to them.

3. Webpage Analyzer

This is a subset of the main website audit tool. It gives you every piece of information about specific pages and shows you ways in which you can optimize it further.

For example, if a landing page on your site is the most crucial page, Semalt's DSD will analyze that page and provide suggestions on how you can improve it. It can be as basic as updating the meta description of the page or moving the CTAs around to reduce bounce rate.

4. Speed Test Tool

A lot has been said about speed tests. Checking the FCP and FMP of websites and making small changes to improve the speed. While page speed checkers give you this data already, the solutions are often vague or broad.

Not if you choose the Dedicated SEO Dashboard to run a speed check. It will give you a detailed summary of what's not working and what is working. You can liaise with your tech team to then make the necessary changes. A speed rating of anything below 80 is not good for your website's SEO.

5. Plagiarism Checker

One of the most critical aspects of SEO is unique content. Without uniqueness, your website is going to struggle in the SERPs. Which is why it is important to ensure that all your content is unique and different from the crowd out there.

If you outsource your content from freelancers or other content agencies, and they guarantee you that their content is 100% unique, you still need to check and confirm. This can be expensive.

The best plagiarism checking tool in the market is Copyscape (unless you prefer Turnitin, which is mostly for researchers) and it costs good money to pay for credits there. You may have hundreds of pieces and running them all through Copyscape will eat into your budget. So, what can you do?

You simply let the Semalt Dedicated SEO Dashboard analyze your website and detect any plagiarism issues. It scans the entire website and matches the content with already published texts out on the web. You can see a detailed plagiarism report, which can be used to make changes if needed.


6. SEO Report Generator

One of the most critical tools on the Dedicated SEO Dashboard, this one collates all data and presents them in an intuitive manner for your client. This is basically an automated SEO white-label report that lists out metrics in the form of tables and charts and gives a bird's eye view of how the SEO campaign is performing.

You can customize it according to the needs of your client. This can mean listing out the top landing pages, showing the M-O-M changes in the bounce rate, or listing out the top 10 cities from where the website got its traffic. The options are endless - similar to Google Analytics and Adobe Analytics - and you pick and choose what data point to show.

Then, once you have finalized all the data points, you can spice it up with your company's logo and brand name to officiate it. How cool!

Pro Tip - You can also automate this report and have it sent to your client weekly or monthly.

7. DSD Admin Panel

This is an admin panel for your DSD where you can add new campaigns, customize your settings, and make fundamental changes to your dashboard.

This will come in handy when you want to update a website's target keywords or want to change a data point's scale.

In the admin panel, you can also choose from 11 interface languages. This is another great feature that you can use. Have a client who prefers a language other than English? This is the way to go.

These are the most important tools available to you when you sign up for the Semalt Dedicated SEO Dashboard. If you are looking for a demonstration, head to our demo site or a real example, and skim through. If you still have questions, you can try our 14-day free trial and get the entire package to try out for two weeks. It should be enough to give you a good taste of what Semalt DSD can do for your SEO business. Compare it with any other tool in the market - UberSuggest, Ahrefs, SEMrush, RankWatch - and you will see why DSD gives total bang for your buck.

Semalt Dedicated SEO Dashboard is available in three plans:
  • Free - 14-day trial with basic functionalities only.
  • Lite - Advanced tech support from Semalt in addition to most features.
  • Pro - All features and 24x7 support from Semalt along with LeadGen assistance.
As of January 2021, Semalt has created about 150 Dedicated SEO Dashboards for clients across industries. Together, they crunch numbers and showcase SEO performance, and put other third-party tools like Google Data Studio to shame.

Do you want to impress your client with something new? Try the Dedicated SEO Dashboard today.